Employment Resources for People with Disability


One of the most wonderful things about the United States is that employers are always looking for talented and experienced people to hire for their workforce. Whether its the doctor who has just graduated medical school and is seeking an internship, or the waitress who has finally gotten her typing certificate, there are always places to work and jobs to be found. Unfortunately, for the disabled, the job search can be much, much more difficult.

Whether it is a physical disability or a mental one, looking for employment is a lot more complicated for people who suffer from disabilities. While discrimination is wrong and illegal, certain employers cannot hire those with disabilities for a number of reasons. On the flipside, most people who have a disability would just like to be afforded the opportunity to make a little bit of money, fill their days, and feel as if they are making some sort of contribution to our society.

Not everyone has been disabled their whole lives; in fact, most people looking for work as a disabled person have found themselves in this position due to illness, accidents, or any other number of situations. After a while, they want to be able to get back into the workplace someway, somehow. There are organizations and foundations that are dedicated solely to helping people with disabilities find productive work again. This gives those who are disabled a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, and that is good for everyone.

The following are some resources to help those with disabilities find employment:

Eggleston Services

Government Hiring Programs

Affirmative Disability Action

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

US Dept. Of Labor- Disability Resources

Job Accommodation Network

Disabilities Job Search Information Package

US Office of Personnel Management

Disability Job Site

Helping Students with Disabilities Find Jobs

Alpha One-Helping People with Disabilities

Handbook for People with Disabilities

Status of People with Disabilities

Living with Disabilities Job Security Issues

Disabled World

Council for Disability Rights

Internet Portal for People with Disabilities

News for The Disabled

Disabled American Veterans

A Plan for Working While Disabled

Equal Opportunity Publications

Disability Employment 101 for Businesses

Office of Disability Employment Policy


Diversity World

Disability Discrimination

Center on Disability Employment

Salvation Army Careers

CCI Enterprises