Tips for a Great Interview


In this day and age, good jobs are increasingly hard to come by. Many people applying for legitimate work at home jobs are often able to avoid nerve racking interviews, but the every candidate must have some special attribute or talent to set themselves apart from the competition, and outside of the resume the interview may very well be the most integral part of the process of getting a job. Somebody who can ace an interview is much more likely to get the job they want, even if the skills are not quite up to par. Successful interviews show promise.

To help you ace your next interview, read on for a list of DO's and DON'Ts to keep in mind during your next job interview.

Interview DO's

·         DO submit an effective cover letter and resume with job application

·         DO proof read your resume before submission

·         DO follow up on your job application with a phone call or email

·         DO prepare for your interview well in advance

·         DO know the name and position of the people likely to interview you

·         DO know the name of the person who makes the hiring decision (not always the person doing interviews)

·         DO bring an extra copy of your resume to the interview

·         DO ask questions when you are asked if you have any.

·         DO write individual thank you letters or thank you emails to every person who participated in your interview

·         DO dress appropriately. Keep jewelry to a minimum, be clean and well groomed.

Interview DON’Ts

·         DON’T arrive late. Ten minutes early is right on time.

·         DON’T wear a lot of perfume or makeup. Dress conservatively. This is a job interview, not a beauty competition.

·         DON’T say anything negative about former jobs, employers or colleagues, even if you think that is what they want to hear.

·         DON’T speak too softly. Speak clearly, loudly, and enunciate but don’t yell. Avoid slang.

·         DON’T answer questions with a YES or a NO. Explain your answers, but don’t over-answer.

·         DON’T sell yourself short. You have the interview because the employer thinks you have potential. Don’t prove them wrong.

·         DON’T go into an interview with your cell phone on. If it happens to ring, don’t answer it!

·         DON’T ask about benefits, salary and things like that until you have been offered the job.

·         DON’T smoke before or during the interview. Decline if you are offered a cigarette.

·         DON’T skimp on the handshake. Make eye contact with the interviewer at all times. Be courteous.

Job interviews can be tough. With these tips on preparing and acing the interview, it shouldn’t be hard to land your next job.  The economy is tough, and that means that job candidates have to be more diligent and well versed than ever. Make a good impression on your interviewer and you are bound to go far.

Remember that you are qualified or they wouldn’t have called you. An interview is not a waste of time, but a chance to prove that you are what they thought you would be. Prove them right.