Job and Volunteer Opportunities for Women

Being that the current state of the economy is extremely weak, more and more companies are beginning to layoff even their most loyal employees. As women, it is vital to your family’s survival to find a job that is willing to accommodate your needs and offer invaluable job security. One of the best ways to secure a job, is to volunteer at a nonprofit organization. Adding recent volunteer work to your resume will provide your resume with the competitive edge that employers are looking for. Luckily, we have taken the initiative to provide you with a list of nonprofit organizations geared towards women and companies that are in the job market to hire women and work at home mothers.

  • Craigslist is probably the most widely recognized online classifieds. On Craigslist you can search for jobs close to your home simply by choosing the metro area closest to your home.
  • Monster is a reputable website that matches job seekers with employers all across America.
  • Indeed allows you to search for jobs in your area. Indeed also has a nifty feature that allows you to search for the average yearly salary of job titles in your city.
  • Career Women is a website that connects women seeking jobs with employers who want to employ women.
  • Career Builder allows you to search local and countrywide job listings. The website also has additional features such as posting job applications online, job recommendations tailored to you, and free career advice.
  • Femininist allows women interested in feminist activism to search and apply to jobs within the field.
  • Women for Hire allows women to connect with employers wishing to hire women. The website also boasts features such as career boot camp for college students and recent grads, work at home options, career expos, and career advice.
  • Women Helping Girls is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide motivation to young girls to succeed academically.
  • Work at Home Jobs can be a great benefitial resource of free work at home jobs, home business ideas, and companies that hire workers.
  • Deborahs Place is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide aide and shelter to homeless women and prevent the rise of women on the street.
  • Rape Victim Advocates is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to ensure that survivors of rape are treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Soroptimist is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a better life for women across the world.
  • Glnh The purpose of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender organization is to serve the gay community by providing counseling and advice.
  • BCW The Black Career Women organization provides black women with job listings and resources to begin and advance their careers.
  • WFGM The Women’s Foundation for a Better Memphis is a nonprofit organization which provides grants to high school/college aged girls.
  • Girls on the Run is an organization that provides young girls with motivation to live a healthier lifestyle through running.
  • Simply Hired is a job searching website that is uploaded with thousands of national jobs each day. Here you can find paid job opportunities and internships that are geared towards women.
  • Baby to Bee is a coupon registry website that provides coupons to expectant parents. The website employs hundreds of work at home women to contact registered expectant parents. The pay is typically $10 per hour.
  • Speak Write is an offsite transcription company that hires work at home moms to fulfill their transcription needs. The schedules are flexible and the pay is between $10 and $15 per hour.
  • Live Ops is an offsite customer service company that employs individuals who wish to work at home. With Live Ops you can work as many or as little hours per week as you wish.
  • is a data entry and document coding company that often hires work at home moms. Pay is based on speed and accuracy of work.
  • Working Sol is a company that hires independent contractors to complete varied assignments from their home offices. The compensation at Working Solutions varies from $7-$30 per hour, depending on your productivity and the amount of assignments available.
  • Wahm provides a webpage of tested and trusted companies that hire work at home moms to work for their companies.
  • Hire my Mom is a website that connects professional work at home moms with companies seeking to hire women to complete projects for their companies.
  • Eworking Women is an online directory/job board that provides telecommuting and freelance opportunities to women.
  • Cyber Dictate is a company that regularly hires work at home moms to complete transcription projects for them on a freelance basis

The nonprofit websites on this list will all have internal resource pages that will guide you through the application process. The job board websites will have internal resources that will provide you with resume guidance, cover letter tips, and interview pointers for when you finally land that much deserved interview. The companies that hire work at home moms to fill their available telecommute positions will have a resource page that details a list of technical requirements, such as: the necessary computer software, whether you need a pc or Mac, and landline phone requirements.