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Big Financial companies spend millions of dollars on advertising credit card offers to people like you and I every year. Chances are you have a credit card offer in your mail box right now. Well imagine if the credit company said "hey I'll pay you up to $75 to try my credit card offer right now!" Imagine there were several companies that offered you this opportunity and also said that they would pay you to provide this offer to anyone else? Would you be interested in that type of offer?

Let's face it whether a person has excellent credit & desires a 0% interest credit card, or  if they have "bad credit" and need another shot to rebuild their financial history, Everybody needs a credit card! It's a billion dollar industry that until now has been limited to large banks and financial institutions. has
changed this and provided you a work at home opportunity to tap into this lucrative industry.

My Credit Cash is current looking for virtual assistants to give away free credit cards. Every day millions of people receive credit card offers but 99.9% aren't getting paid to sign up for these credit card offers or for transferring high interest balances to other credit card companies. is one of the few companies that has worked out an agreement with major credit card companies to pay people like you up to $75 to accept or refer these credit card offers.

Our company will provide you with a website that you will be expected to promote using free techniques such as putting up flyers, sending emails, posting in forums or free classifieds, typing articles, etc. Don't worry we provide free training and one to one support. However you probably already know a few people that have high interest credit cards or bad credit that would love the opportunity to get a better interest rate or provided a chance to build a credit history with the option of being paid for it! Or may be you want to take advantage of this opportunity as well. Either way, all you need to do is send someone to your personal website and if they sign up for a credit card(s) and get approved you get paid! Training is provided so no experience necessary, we also maintain and build the website for you. All you need to do is get people to your site which is very easy using the free training we provide you.

We just don't have enough resources to do this ourselves so we're outsourcing a lot of the work to virtual assistants like yourself.

You will earn up to $75 per credit card approval. But on average most people will earn  $40 per credit card approval. You can either be paid by paypal or check. We pay out once per month, at the end of the month.

The hours are totally flexible. You set your own schedule. 

No license or previous experience required! only wants work at home seekers that are sincerely interested in helping people. Keep in mind your main responsibility will be to provide people with bad credit  the opportunity to rebuild their credit histories and you'll also be helping people save on high interest rates by offering them 0% to low interest rate credit cards via your personalized website. Since everyone needs a credit card this is a great opportunity to help many people and get paid for it. Please note we also require a valid email address and internet access. Your own personalized website will also be provided to you.

Free support and training will be provided to you. We want you to be successful and training is instrumental in that. So as soon as you sign up, there will be a training area that you can visit to help you get started. You can also email us for one on one personalized help. We also can support you by telephone if necessary as well. We take a very hands on approach so that this benefits you and our company.

Is this legitimate?
Click here to see a screenshot of my recent payment with the company. has partnered with all the major players: and more. These companies would not associate themselves with organizations that are scams. They have all built up their brand names and spent millions of dollars to build your trust. So why would they risk this by partnering with businesses that are questionable? In fact feel free to visit one of our credit card site: click on one of the credit card offers. You'll notice that you're redirected to each credit card company's secured website so any information that you or your clients enter for a credit card offer will always be safe.

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However if you still have questions, please click here for more information and answers to common questions asked about this wonderful opportunity.