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Are There Any Real Work At Home Jobs That Aren’t Scams?

Work At Home Job ads are generously dispersed throughout the net only to entice and scam the next desperate home job seeker. More importantly, these scammers of Cyberspace that are busy posting these ads are getting wiser at scamming. They have only one motive, and that is to scam the innocent home opportunity bystander, snatch their hard-earned money and then move on to the next one; all the while ignoring all consequences.


So it's no surprise that people wonder if there are in fact real work from home jobs. Despite what you might think or your past experiences, the short answer is yes they do exist! Did I discover this information by accident? No!


See, I've been there and done that; asking if there were any scam-free jobs that could be done online. So, I've been that Desperately Seeking Eddy! (or Susan, whatever you want to use Ed) lol I've also been the victim of scam a time or two before discovering the "real deal" locations that offer the real money making opportunities. These are otherwise known as (telecommuting jobs).


So, Where Are These (scam free) Real Work At Home Jobs?


Most can be found right on the site you're reading. But here are 5 common work at home jobs that are "real" aka legitimate.


1. Virtual Call Center / Customer Service jobs: If you've ever watched a TV commercial where they say callers are stand by right now. Call our 1-800 number 24 hours a day. Guess what? Most of those people are stay at home workers. They are paid to answer and transmit incoming product requests and support questions for a specific company via telephone. This is a very popular and available sort of job. But it has some serious requirements which may not be ideal for everyone. This includes a quiet work environment, telephone, head set, high speed internet, a computer and some past customer service, tech support or sales experience. It also pays very well. 


2. Transcription: You guys tend to call this typing but the proper name is transcription and when you use that terminology you avoid a lot of the scammy typing nonsense out there. For this job, you will be typing from what is heard through an audio recording into an editor or word processor. You need to have good attention to detail, spelling and grammar. There are different types of transcription. Some required specialized training or background such as Legal or Medical transcription. Then there is general transcription which most people can do if you have decent typing speed and experience. Unfortunately this type of transcription doesn't pay as well as the specialized one. But either way transcription is the way to go if you're looking for data entry or typing sort of jobs.


3. Virtual Admin Assistant: This job option can vary with you doing many different tasks that are outsourced through home businesses. These tasks can be; answering emails, social media activities, writing and submitting articles, writing and submitting newsletters, and more.


4. Proofreading: You are paid for detecting and correcting typos in articles, press releases, eBooks, book manuscripts, or anything else that needs proofreading by a specific business or company.


5. Mystery Shopper: A mystery shopper is a person that impersonates a normal retail customer and secretly evaluates the quality of customer service and other attributes of a store or business. These retails can be hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc… This is the perfect job if you ever wanted to get paid to shop. The pay can vary greatly depending on the shop. You also need to be very detailed and organized. 

It is always suggested to research any job prospects to rule out scams before applying. It's easy to do this by reading our work at home scam page. I hope this helps. Good luck. 

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