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Are There Any Work At Home Jobs That Pay Weekly?

It's challenging enough just to land a work at home job in itself, however what about jobs that pay weekly? I know what you're thinking. "Yeah right, They're all scams!!" Well let's not to be hasty, and start assuming anything. You know how the saying goes about those that assume. 


My team and I have been doing some digging around the work at home industry and we have managed to find some nice gems out there. It turns out that paid weekly jobs from home IS NOT a pipe dream afterall. So with that said here are some companies that pay each and every week. Keep in mind these companies may not all pay a lot but they do pay something and that's the most important part when you consider how many scams there are out there. 


It should also be noted that just because I've got a certain company listed here does not mean they're hiring at the moment. I've gathered the following information from some good updated sources. It is YOUR job to do the final research to find out if the work at home opportunity in question is a good fit for you AND to find out if they are indeed hiring.


Okay now that we have all that out the way, let's get into the list.


5 Companies That Pay Weekly or More Frequently.


You Data – is basically a company that pays you for looking at ads online. The pay isn't all that great but they do pay weekly like clock work via paypal. It's a legitimate company that has been around for years that I have personally used and make money with.


Cloud Crowd – It's like a freelance site except without the bidding. A company hires to complete a  given project that may involve many steps. breaks this project down into smaller easier tasks. They post these tasks on their site and assign a fee to each of them. Work at home seekers can log in to their cloudcrowd account to see what projects are available and select the ones of interest to them and start working on them. Once they're completed the tasks they're paid instantly the following day. 


Post Loop – Is basically a site where forums and blog owners can hire work at home seekers to participate on their sites via comments and discussions. If you spend a lot of time babbling on facebook or message boards, you'll love this site. Because now you can actually get paid for this type of activity. Once you've reached the minimum number of posts you can cash out and the money is usually in your paypal account within 24-48 hours.


Key For Cash – is one of the few legitimate data entry job websites. As you know the majority of data entry jobs online are usually scams. However Key For Cash is actually legitimate. The only thing is you have to pass a very challenging typing test to qualify for work with them. Even if you do pass there may be a long wait before you get work. However this company pays weekly via check. So it's worth looking into. 


Text Broker – This is a legitimate work at home company. You are paid for writing articles on various topics on interest to you. The great thing is you don't have to be an English major or have a degree in journalism to work for this company. If you can write an email that is grammatically correct, you can probably write for text broker. So it's something worth checking out even if you don't have formalized writing experience. They pay via paypal and you can request payout anytime you reach $10.


So there you have it folks. Several companies that will pay you weekly for working from home. They're all proven and legitimate. So give them a shot. As always we list new work at home jobs on our work from home job search page. So be sure to check it out regularly! Good luck to you.

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