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Home Typist Jobs, A New Way To Find Them…

Have you ever run into a work at home typist ad? They read like this: "Home Typist Needed now!" Boy don't they always seems so promising? You can't help think to yourself, is this really it? Can I finally find a free home typist job?

So you eagerly click on the ad and the next thing you know, Bang! You've just walked into a wall of sales text! Your hopes have just been deflated and you're even more skeptical and jaded about working from home! If this is you, you're probably nodding your head in agreement right now.


Trust me, I've been there and done that.
You just encountered yet another website selling you a list of alleged companies that are hiring work from typist.


Hate to break this to you, but if you've purchased this type of list, you've just lost some of your hard earned money. Because we've already provided a list of various companies that hire home based typist and it's free. But don't fret, you can check them out here.


But wait….
Before you go rushing to that page and applying to these no fee positions, please be aware that it may take weeks or months to hear back from these companies and even longer to get hired.


The problem with home typist data entry job.
Quite simply there are more candidates for these jobs then there are openings. Employers can not keep up with the demand. So that leaves you in a nasty position.


So what should I do?
Well what if I told you, you could get paid to type right now. Would you be willing to start working right away? Okay I'm glad that you're ready and willing. But it does require some creativity and flexibility on your part.

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Work At Home - Free!
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You won't get rich but you will be able to work from home today!

Work At Home With BBB Listed Company!
Make Money Online! No Selling!
No inventory, No parties, & No Risk!

What's This?
  • The advertisers above keep this site free & food on my table.
  • But their inclusion on this site IS NOT a personal endorsement!
  • Always do your research using our Scam Video.
I know what you're thinking, oh here come's the catch! Yes I'll be honest there is a catch but it won't cost you a dime.

I promise! But again you will need some creativity to earn money as an at home "typist".


Define the meaning of a work at home typist..
First I have to determine what you consider a typist. To me anytime someone can get paid to type anything, that's a work at home typist. If someone told me that they would pay me $1 for every email I typed and sent to their newsletter list. That's a typist job to me.


If someone told me that they would pay me up to $20 to re-type an article they wrote in my own words, then darn it that's a typing job to me.


Are you getting the picture here? Stop limiting your options as to what you view as a so-called typing job. That type of limitation is what will make you run into scams and/or waiting for traditional work at home typing jobs that barely exists and are filled quickly.


So keeping that in mind, what if I told you that I would pay you to go and type up your opinion about a new TV show you watched, a product you bought, or pretty much anything you have a knowledge about or love? Would you consider that a typing job?


If you've listened to anything I've said, you have responded a rezoning yes! Congratulations, you can now earn money as an article "typist", discussion "typist", or forum "typist".


Huh? I'm confused….
Well since you and I are on the same page about what a typist is and can be, I'd like to introduce you to companies that are basically looking for people to type about any subject matter that you have an interests in.


That's right there are literally companies out there that allow you to type about nearly anything. You can get paid any time you type up some new content. The pay ranges anywhere from $3-$20 per new content you type up. So if you ever written an email to a friend about a topic you love, or visited a message board and posted a message about something you could've gotten paid by various companies if you would've done something similar on their site.


The truth…
Okay, all I'm really referring to is article writing and forum posting. Sure I was being a little sneaky about it. But honestly if I started my article mentioning writers or forum posters you would assume you couldn't do this lucrative job. But we've already established you're up to the task.


Most people think that you need to be a professional writer to get involved with content networks that pay people to write about various subjects.

What's This?
  • The advertisers above keep this site free & food on my table.
  • But their inclusion on this site IS NOT a personal endorsement!
  • Always do your research using our Scam Video.

But that's not the case. With the internet, the rules are different. People want to read content from regular people in lay man's terms. Why do you think blogs are so popular? Most bloggers aren't professional writers, they are people like you and me.


So yes I tricked you. But it was because I needed you to be open minded to the vasts number of opportunities that are available to you. The fact of the matter is you will be getting paid to "type" about topics that interest you. I can't think of a better job.


You can continue to look for regular work at home typist jobs, but I guarantee you'll be waiting a life time. Or you can sign up for the sites below which are all free by the way and start typing about topics of interest to you and making some money. The choice is simple to me but I'm very creative in my thinking so I can ensure I make money from home. What about you?


If you're ready to type at home now, Visit the following websites and sign up. Then start typing up content of interest to you and submit them for payment. The more places you sign up for, the more money you can earn typing!


Here are some of the best sites:


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