Looking for Data Entry & Typing Jobs?

If you're looking for a legitimate typing, data entry or customer service related job, you may want to visit the following legitimate employers:




They're all great for folks that want a job and believe that a job is the answer to your long term financial success. 

But is a Job Really The Answer Anymore?

A lot of folks have been asking this question of late. You may be too if you're like many hard workers who have been afflicted by layoffs, downsizing or outsourcing. Is being an employee for companies that are ready to toss you out like garbage when the going gets rough really the path you want to risk again?

If you're anything like me, you want to spend more time with your loved ones. You want to determine how much money you make and not what an employer thinks you're worth! You like the idea of deciding when you take a vacation and for how long! You hate the idea of being ridiculed for calling in sick because of an ill child or relative. You don't like begging for a raise when it should have been given to you years ago. You want to be recognized for the hard work you do and not how well you can kiss your boss's asses. (Excuse my french!) 

Well if you can relate to any of the situations above, then why repeat the same path again. Don't get me wrong, we all have bills to pay and I'm not sitting here telling you not to do that. What I am suggesting is considering a path in addition to a job that may provide you with the type of freedom and pay you know you're worth! Let's face it, no one is ever going to pay you what you feel you're really worth but you. No one will ever understand how important it is for you to be with your kids or loved ones but you. So with that in mind it's up to you to change the situation so it benefits you!

If this makes sense to you, you may want consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. For starters, Wealthy Affiliate offers a members only website that provides you with an exclusive job board where you can get paid for data entry, typing articles, posting on facebook, twitter, message boards, etc.. The job board covers a large range of work at home opportunities and is updated daily with new opportunities. The great thing about the job board is that it's clear of confusing or misleading sponsored ads. But more importantly it's only open to WA members which means less competition for you in landing the jobs of your dream. Like I said early, obviously we all have bills to pay and a job can help address that issue at the very least. But we already have concluded it comes at a price of your freedom and time with your family. 

Guaranteed Income.

Although Wealthy Affiliate does have a great job board there is no guarantee that you'll land a job or that you qualify for some of the listings present. After all times are rough and there is way more competition than ever. Well the owners of WA Kyle & Carson have already thought about this.

They currently have a WA Gold program where they pay WA members to participate in their active forum. That's right, you can actually get paid to discuss making money, scams, products and other topics with other members.

Here's how it works, every member is given about 10 WA Gold each month pieces which are equivalent to $.10/piece in real cash. Let's say someone is asking a question about a scam, money making opportunity or some other topic. You jump in and respond with some really good advice or tips. If the person that asked the question really liked the answer, he can then give you some of his WA gold.

But it doesn't stop there because there are other members on the forum, if they like your helpful response as well, they'll donate gold to your account as well. If 10 people do that, you've just made a $1 for something you probably do in other forums, facebook, etc now for free. Imagine doing this many times a day in the forum. Your money can really add up. So although it may not seem like a lot, this can lead to some nice money at the end of the month. Obviously you don't want to just depend on this to earn a living. You should also try to land a job in the WA Job areas well.  But it's a great option to have that is easy to make money with for something you probably already do on a daily basis. Watch the video below to see how the job board and WA Gold program may help you.


Don't Settle, You Deserve More!

As you saw above, the WA Gold program and WA Job Boards are great features of Wealthy Affiliate. But let me be real honest with you, the true purpose behind WA isn't to make you workers or employees for others. The folks at WA want you to be the bosses because you deserve to be.

Let's face it many of you are under paid, have been laid off or passed over for a promotion because of the decision of an idiot boss! We've seen in the last couple of years there is no such thing as job security any more (or was there ever?). When the going gets tough companies make you get going!

So why in the world would you just settle for a job when at any point you could be let go at the whim of a idiot boss? Don't you and your family deserve more? Has being loyal to a company really paid off? Do you think it's fair they've cut your pension and your health care benefits? Do you really enjoy spending 9 hours a day from your family?  Do you really want to work the rest of your life making someone else rich when it could be you?

Well if the answer is hell no, let's get into what Wealthy Affiliate can really do for you!

How WA can really help you work at home.

In addition to having a great job board and the WA gold program, WA is a training website on making money online. They teach regular people like you and I how to make money at home helping other people.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.

My mother-in-law has some bad ass dogs that will bark at anything including a squirrel fart. So she headed over to Amazon.com and bought these collars that spray this smelly stuff at the dog's face anytime the little buggers start barking. Settle down, PETA fans it's totally harmless.

Well a few days later she called me up and told me it worked great and that I should use it on my killer dog Neo. For those that don't know, my dog Neo is a 9 pound Italian Greyhound that is all bones and skin. (Imagine a 6 '4, 200+ black man walking this little bugger. It's embarrassing.)

In any event, Neo has a Napoleonic complex and barks like a wild hound as well. She sent me the link of the product. Because I value her opinion and trust her, I went and purchased it. Needless to say it worked great!

So you may be thinking to yourself, who cares? (That's very rude by the way.) Well imagine if my mother-in-law would have been paid for giving me such a useful recommendation? Imagine getting paid to provide people with useful information, products or services that they have expressed to you they want.  Well you can. It's called affiliate/internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing = Working At Home

So What Is Affiliate / Internet Marketing Anyway?

In plain English, it's basically getting paid to refer people to products, services or information they want from companies you have a relationship with. In other words you're affiliated with this company. The company you're affiliated with pays you to refer people to the free website they provide you. You'll be bringing people to this website using various internet marketing techniques, most of which are free and some that are paid but are totally optional. All these techniques will be used on the internet. So this is where they get the whole label of internet / affiliate marketing. Make sense?

Remember the story about my mother-in-law and her annoying barking dogs? Well if she was an affiliate of amazon.com, she would have sent me her affiliate website address that has her unique id in it. This way when I bought the spray collar she would get a certain commission as she should. I expressed a similar issue and she provided me a solution. That's how affiliate marketing works when done properly. She didn't try to sell me cat nip. She knew I had a dog and recommended a product that I would find useful.

Now obviously my mother-in-law can't hope to make a living referring these dog collars to me alone. She needs a wider audience that may be having the same problem. Ideally what she wants is when people visit Google.com and types "How To Stop My Dog From Barking?" that her website with her affiliate links comes up. Well it's not going to happen because she wishes it would.  This is where learning various affiliate marketing techniques comes in. Everyone still with me? Good.

Well that's what WA is really about, teaching people how to make money at home providing useful recommendations that they are affiliated with and folks have asked for. This isn't like some of those home based business opportunities you've probably run into where you need to sell things that are over priced and you don't believe in. This also isn't about harassing your family members to buy shakes.

With Affiliate marketing when taught the proper techniques, people come to you looking for a solution and all you do is provide it to them with the companies you're affiliated with. You get paid and the people get what they want. But let's discuss this in further detail.

Affiliate Marketing Payment Structure Explained

When someone visits your free affiliate website and they buy, click or request free information, you are paid a given fee. This will vary depending on the company you're an affiliate of and you'll know this before hand because all details of your relationship with the company is provided to you on the affiliate sign up page.

Being an affiliate is always free!

It literally makes "cents" for the company to provide you with a free website that they maintain, banners, ad copies, emails etc to make your job easier of promoting their company. All of this will hopefully makes them money if you're a successful affiliate. What company wouldn't want more money? So why charge people to do promotions for you? It would be stupid. So that's why it's always free to be an affiliate of a company.

The other great advantage of being an affiliate is that you'll get paid for promoting someone else's product, service or information. You don't have to do the hard work of creating a product, stocking or delivering it. My mother-in-law didn't create that collar or need to worry about collecting my payment or shipping it to me. She just led me to the site and her parent company Amazon took care of all that. As an affiliate all you're responsible for is educating people and introducing them to solutions that will help their problems that you're affiliated with. It's more like being a customer service rep except without being yelled at and blamed all the time. When done properly people will love you for giving them what they asked for. If you're a loyal subscriber you might feel the same way about a certain blogger. 🙂

Pssst, Here's a secret…..

It should be noted that there is a common misconception that you can only make money when someone buys something. That's B.S. ! Many affiliates make a great living just by referring people to CPA, CPL, and PPL offers (Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead or Pay Per Lead).  In these type affiliate relationships, the company just wants the leads and they'll handle trying to sell the customers on the product or service. This is a better situation for you because most of us aren't sales people. However the trade off is that you usually make less. But i have found that producing leads is way easier and so you end up having enough volume that can equal or surpass what you would make if you had to get paid to make a sale. 

The reason that CPA companies can pay you for a lead is that they have already figured out that for a given number of leads that you bring in, they're bound to make x dollars on some of them. So there only going to pay you x amount of dollars based on the profit they know they're going to make on your leads.  So keep this in mind when you become an affiliate, you don't have to focus solely on pay per sale (PPS) companies. Mix it up. Or just start off with CPA companies if you can find them for your industry.  Any of the affiliate marketing techniques you'll learn that is being discussed in terms of sales offers can be swapped out for CPA offers.  Nothing is set in stone when it comes to this stuff and don't be afraid to adjust accordingly.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Of course it does. Why do you think companies like Google, Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. all have affiliate programs. If it were a scam or didn't work why would these companies that earn billions of dollars invest in facilitating an affiliate program for you to join? I'll tell you why, because all companies need to make money! Affiliates bring them new customers and leads and that makes them money. Have you ever heard a company say, "Hey, we don't want to make any more money!"? Not Never!

But just in case, you're thinking I'm BS'ing about all this, Check out my video below where I walk you through some of my earning stats. I can't guarantee you'll make this type of money right away but it should make you wonder the following: If Eddy's Simple Simon self can do it, why can't I?

I hope the video opened your eyes as to what your possibilities can be if you're willing to work hard, never give up and invest time or money in yourself.

But at the end of the day this all still requires a great deal of work on your part. The money may look great but it didn't happen by magic or because I Joined Wealthy Affiliate and they did the work for me. It requires the same effort if not more as what you put in a typical job. However as you can see in the video, the potential rewards are far greater for the right people!

Are you scared or skeptical?

Let me guess? There is a little voice in your head thinking of all the excuses why you can't do this. Don't feel bad. It's normal. It's also a result of years of being told that you could be nothing more than employee. It started in pre-school when we all played house and pretended to go to work to bring home the bacon. But why didn't we pretend that we were the boss and people were working for us? 

Even aside from all these facts, learning something new is scary. But guess what? You've proven time and time again that you can do it. Were you born knowing how to do your current job? I doubt it. You conquered your fears and insecurities and learned the skills to do your job because it was a necessity. 

How did you get online today? I bet there was a time using a computer scared the bejesus out of you. But guess what? You have forced yourself to learn to use one because again necessity was a driving factor.  

Seems to me that you have a long track record of learning new things and over coming obstacles, this affiliate marketing thing is no different if you view it in the same way you have done with other hard things in your life. That being said let's still address some doubts you may have in your mind.

But Eddy I don't know how to create a website. WA has already thought of that and has a free tool for that called Site Rubix. If you know how to use a word processing program, you'll know how to use this member's only site building tool. 

But Eddy I don't know what type of website I would create. Well WA has a tool for that as well. They provide you with various ideas with their NicheQ.

But Eddy I don't know how to write articles. Nonsense, if you know how to write an email you can write an article. But if you're not confident, WA provides a member only content tool, Rapid Writer.

But Eddy suppose I have a question and need to speak to a real person and not reading an FAQ? Well remember the WA Gold program I mentioned above? The owners Kyle and Carson pay members to interact and help each other out in the forums. So if you have a question that isn't already addressed in the training material, you can head to the forums and ask your question there. Or you can even privately email the owners directly from the forum.  This isn't like buying an ebook where you're left to figure everything on your own. You can ask questions from other experienced marketers listed there. 

But Eddy this all sounds so overwhelming, I don't know where I would start. Well I can totally understand that. But imagine how I felt nearly 10 years ago when I had to learn all this stuff by myself and there wasn't a Wealthy Affiliate. At least now you have a great educational resource. However because it is so information focused, I created a little video to help you get focused. Watch it below:


Hopefully this video will give you a little more direction if you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is worth pursuing. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I'm sure that the concept of affiliate marketing makes "cents" to you now, but you may be questioning if the folks at Wealthy Affiliate are trust worthy. Well you should be skeptical because there are so many people out there making ridiculous promises about working at home. But we all know it's a bunch of B.S. There is this misconception that working at home is just sitting at home and collecting a check. It's not! It requires work and why it's called work at home and not sit on your lazy but and collect checks. 

So I'll be completely honest with you. I was very skeptical about WA as well. However to my surprise Wealthy Affiliate fails to make ridiculous claims about all the money you'll instantly make by purchasing their training without doing any work. Too often many of the internet marketing products out there falsely claim that they have some magical lucky charm system that is going to make you hundreds of dollars seconds after buying their product. If you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

When I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago, I expected to visit their website and see the typical boats, cars, half naked women and photoshopped checks of thousands of dollars. You know the crap that you've probably run into many times during your search for legit work from home. You may have seen some ads on this very site for this nonsense. But to my pleasant surprise the Wealthy Affiliate website was very understated. I know from experience that internet / affiliate marketing isn't easy. So the first thing I try to identify is the BS claims that this opportunity is easy. As soon as I see that, I'm out.

However WA makes their distinction very clear within the first couple of paragraphs of their website when they state the following:

"Before you continue on reading we need to agree on something. Building a successful business on the Internet is not a get rich overnight scheme. If it were that easy to make money online, everyone would be doing it making millions of dollars a year from the comfort of their homes. If you are not willing to put in the time to learn the proper Internet Marketing techniques there is no point in even considering Internet marketing as a career or hobby….

We want to work with people at the Wealthy Affiliate University who have the desire to succeed, not those looking for a get rich overnight without working for it (there is no such thing)."

When I read this I realized that I found something rare on the web, an honest group of people that weren't setting me up to get screwed. They set real expectations and made it clear that I would have to work to be successful. Any one that has had to work for a living knows this is true. Reading that and many other people's feedback about this company pretty much made me feel confident that it was worth joining. But I still kept on digging because I'm paranoid like that. Eventually I discovered something interesting which was the fact that they have been around since 2005.  In internet years, that's like being around for 100 years. Most fly by night companies fail within the first year, and 95% fail within the first five.  If WA didn't help people, word would get around quickly and they would definitely not have made it 5 years in business!

When I considered all these factors, I became a member and have been ever since! It's only after being a member for a few years and experiencing success that I felt comfortable personally recommending them to people on my site, friends and family. It's the reason why I'm telling you about them today. 

So Are You Ready To Take Control?

At the end of the day Wealthy Affiliate is a solid educational site, that provides people who are serious about working at home with various legitimate options. If you just want a work at home job typing or doing data entry, then they've give you the WA Job Board. If you need to make money pretty quickly and like the idea of getting paid to chat on forums, then the WA Gold program is right for you.

However if you really want to step up your game and secure a future for your family, avoid being laid off, tired of being passed over for promotion, know you're smarter than your boss and want to spend more time with your family, then you should take advantage of the affiliate marketing training & tools provided and consider Joining Wealthy Affiliate. Either way you decide what's best for you! As a WA member you can focus on one area or all of them, it's your choice.

So if you like what you've read, Visit Wealthy Affiliate now and learn more. And if you have questions, as I'm sure you do, please feel free read their FAQ page by clicking here

As the owner of WorkAtHomeCareers.com all I can say is that I can personally attest that a work at home career as an affiliate marketer has been the best thing in my life. With God's favor and a lot of hard work, I've been "job free" for about two years now. I guess you can say it has worked out pretty well. After all my wife no longer needs to work.  We're both home now and get to enjoy every moment with our year old baby girl Brianna. I've literally experienced every important moment of her life, crawling, walking, talking and now attitude. lol I thank God every day that my wife and I can experience these moments together. I know if it weren't for my internet marketing career, I would still be trekking into the city on a stinky train, sitting in meetings listening to people babbling about stuff we've already discussed at other meetings, justifying to an idiot boss why I need a .15 cent raise when the bastard just got a $5 raise for doing nothing more than taking credit for the stuff that the foot soldiers like me did. Oh don't get me started. lol  In any event, I just want to wish you the best of luck on your journey to find the best work at home option for you.  

My hope is that after reading this article you select the path that you think you're worth and not one that has been forced on to you. You can pick the jobs I listed at the start of this article or you can give something like Wealthy Affiliate a shot. At the end of the day you just need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with the decision you make for yourself and family. At the very least now you know you have choices.

Take care and good luck!

Search & Win