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How To Determine If A Company Is A Scam Using Google!

Anyone searching for work at home for more than 2 minutes will tell you the first thing they run into is other companies and websites asking for money to work at home. Unfortunately many people not knowing any better just cough up the money. They either lose this money or are highly disappointed with what they've paid for. In most cases you should never have to pay any fee to work at home. However there are some exceptions such as when purchasing books, ebooks or joining a home based business opportunity.


When you go to Barnes and Nobles to look for a book, in most cases you can't just walk out of the store without paying. Some of you can but you risk becoming buddies with the boys in blue or a 300 pound guy named tiny in a cramped jail cell. So with books and ebooks it's expected that you'll pay for this material. Many of the sites you're running into are selling ebooks allegedly teaching you how to work at home. This would be fine but many times they're misrepresenting what they plan to teach you. But today you'll learn which ones are solid and which to avoid.


We also mentioned that a home based business is also another situation where it's acceptable to pay money. Why? Well let me ask you a question. If you wanted to start a Mc Donald's in your neighborhood, would you be able to do it for free? Probably not! A home based business opportunity is like any business except you're just working out your home which saves you on the cost of office or store space. But you still need to buy supplies and marketing material for your business. So that's why many home based business opportunities will request a fee. We'll teach you how to determine which business opportunities you should invest in and which to avoid.


As a rule of thumb it's always very important to do your research when purchasing an ebook or getting involved with a home based business opportunity. In fact, anytime someone asks you for a fee related to work at home, do your research!

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What's This?
  • The advertisers above keep this site free & food on my table.
  • But their inclusion on this site IS NOT a personal endorsement!
  • Always do your research using our Scam Video.

Don't pay unless you've done your research. And one of the best ways to do this is to use the biggest warehouse of information, our friend has made the world a very small place which is great in terms of finding out if a company is a scam. In the following video we're going to show you how to use to determine if any company might be a scam.


What You'll Learn In This Video


1. How to determine if any company is a scam.


2. How to determine if any website is a scam.


3. How to determine if a person is a scam artist.


4. Distinguishing between ads and website listing in Google search results.



By the way, if you like the video. Please leave a comment on YouTube by clicking on the actual video or this link. If you'd like us to email you when we release a new video, please subscribe to our Work At Home Careers YouTube channel by clicking here! And finally share this video with everyone you know that you would like to help avoid getting scammed. The key to fighting scams is to share your experiences bad and good.

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