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We're recognized as one of the top 20 resources for the keywords "work at home " and "work from home" on the major search engines such as, Yahoo & others. What this means is that we attract over 40,000+ unique visitors and 300,000+ page views per month! That basically means highly targetted potential customers and visitors for your website.

Stats & Demographics

We have a a high repurchase rate which means that many of our advertisers keep coming back because we continue to produce results!

We average about 1000+ unique visitors per day.

We average over 5000+ page views. This means your ad has the potential of being viewed 5,000 times during the course of a day!

Our site is frequented by Mothers, Retirees, Students, Fathers & the Disabled.

On average a 1 month text ad on our website will receive close to 500 visitors/clicks! This can be more or less depending on your ad copy!

On average, 2 months text ads on our website will receive close to 900 visitors/clicks!

Type of Ads

We offer two types of ads

Pay Per Click Text Ads By Google are affordable text advertising where you are only charged for visitors that actually click on your ad. This is very cost effective because you don't pay unless we produce results. This type of ad is managed by Google on behalf of our company. The great advantage of this ad is that we have made google ads very prominent on every single page of our website including right on top of our Homepage, Individual Articles and our widely popular Job search page. So if you want super visibity at a cost effective rate,

Featured Text ads are affordable flat rate text ads that are located in the right hand side of all our major pages within our "Featured Work At Home" section. This ad is ideal for the budget conscious and provides you with great exposure on our Homepage and widely popular Job search page among others.

Ad Schedules

Feature Text ads are usually placed within 24-48 hours, while Pay Per Click Text Ads By Google go up in minutes.

Ad Fees

We accept:

Because "Ads By Google" PPC Text links are on every single page within the content and prominent placement on the homepage and all of our articles and jobs. The cost per click will verify depending on the demand. for the latest prices.

"Feature Work At Home" Text link ads which are on the right of our pages are only $99 for 1 month.

Receive a greater discount if you order a Text link ad for 2 months at $125
Click here to order now! (Please note Adbrite is a 3rd party company that manages our text ads.)

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