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One of the most important things about working at home is having a quiet place to work & the most up to date software & PC Hardware. You could jeopardize a great work at home job if your pc moves slow as a turtle, you miss a phone call while being online (dial up users) or lose all your data because of a virus!

No employer wants to hear about your pc issues. They are more likely to hire someone with a complete and functional home office already set up. Rather than waiting for you to make money at home to improve your home office. No, you don't have to buy a new pc! You can upgrade your pc with some free software. I have provided you with several FREE tools that will ensure you have the best home office set up which will improve your chances of being selected for a work at home job & Keeping it!

Free Microsoft Like Software - StarOffice

Microsoft Office is a very expensive product that can cost hundreds of dollars but most employers use it for applications such as Word or Excel. If you don't have this software don't expect that your employer is going to cough up an extra few hundred dollars when they can hire someone that already has it. Well now you can get a similar software for free (StarOffice) that's totally comptabile with the Microsoft software your employer is using. Get It Now by clicking the following link!

Firefox - Free High Security Internet Browser

Internet Explorer is a great browser for the most part but there are so many security holes that can leave your computer open to some nasty things. So I would suggest downloading Firefox which is a better browser with little to no security issues. It's provided by our good friends Google so you know it can be trusted! Click on the following link!

Spyware Doctor - Free Spyware Removal Tool

Ever wonder why your pc is slowing down or you're getting weird pop ups or error messages? You may have some malicious software on your pc. This free tool will search & remove it. Most virus protection software fail to find spyware so don't assume the one you have does! Google has provided this tool free of cost! Click on the following link!

Norton Security Scan - Free Up To Date Virus Removal Tool

If your pc is still slowing down and you're still getting weird pop ups or error messages may mean you have a virus which the tool above isn't designed to remove. However Norton Antivirus will search out and protect your pc from nasty viruses. Couple this with your free spyware removal tool & you're pc is fully protected! Google has provided this tool free of cost as well! Click on the following link!

Fax By Email - Free Trial

It is highly likely that you will need to accept faxes working at home. If you don't have regular access to a seperate line fax machine from your home office, you should sign up for a free trial of a fax by email service immediately to be considered for future work at home. Click here now to get this software.

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