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How your supermarket can help you work at home

I know you must be wondering what the heck is the connection between grocery shopping and work at home. Don't worry it's all going to make sense very soon. Bare with me as I tell my story. I promise at the end it will help you work at home today.

In any event, I went to my local supermarket Super Stop & Shop. First and foremost I never knew there was a "super" version of any grocery store. I was raised in "The Bronx" (Don't hold that against me.) and where I lived our supermarkets were very small and packed. You just went in and got your groceries and left. Well now I live in the suburbs (Big deal.) and grocery stores are very different. They're super!

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So I'm walking around my grocery store which are significantly bigger and more organized in the suburbs. I happen to walk past a woman near the butcher section who was giving out samples of this new Cajun turkey. Initially I thought there was a catch. Again because I'm from the Bronx I am very skeptical by nature. But as I'm trying to figure out the catch. A woman with two kids stops by and takes a sample for herself and the little ones do as well. Suddenly they just walk away. Needless to say, I was a bit thrown back. Why you may ask? Well in my old supermarket there were no such things as free samples. So I was certain there would be a catch. But to my surprise there wasn't!

I finally came to the conclusion that I could actually take this sample without worrying about pressured into buying it. I took my sample and walked away eating it. I have to say this was a great piece of turkey. It was nice and spicy. So I turned back around and asked the sample woman where I could find this turkey and she pointed me in the right direction. Needless to say I bought the turkey, went home and made me a great sandwich.

What's the point of this story?
Companies who are confident about their products are willing to give out free samples because they feel strongly that you are likely to make a purchase.

They know enough people will do this where they won't be losing money by giving out free samples.  So let's look at the supermarket scenario again with a different twist. Imagine if the sample lady would have provided me the sample turkey and wanted to pay me for eating it. Do you think I would be more willing to try the turkey? You damn  right I would! I'm almost positive you would too!

Well the good news for you is that companies on the web are doing this all the time. They have realized that it's not really cost effective to merely pay for radio, TV or print ads or a sample lady. Everyone knows the internet is the place to be. So companies have taken the free sample experience online. But the huge difference is they will pay you to try samples of any product of interest to you.

That's right you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Most companies will deliver the products to your house or they will provide them online. You try it for a few days and if you like it you buy it, if not you don't buy it and you still get paid a check for the 'hardship' of trying something you wanted anyway.

Wow that's such a hard job. Not! It's a win win situation for the company and you. But more importantly for you and your family. Product testers get paid any where from $1 to $50 to try one product and there are literally hundreds of products to try. Do you realize how much money you could be earning right now?

The negatives....
Well honestly there might be some bad aspects of this work at home opportunity. In general most of the products are totally free. But some products are what's referred to as risk free. Risk free usually means you get to try the product for free for a certain amount of time anywhere from 7 days to 15 days. But before you can do so you must use your credit card to sign up for the offer. But your card isn't charged until after your trial period is over. If you decide that the product is not all that good, you merely call or email the company and let them know you want to cancel and not to charge your card. That's it. The company won't charge your card. You usually keep the product and you still get paid a commission for trying it. So that might be considered a negative. But keep in mind you don't have to do risk free offers. They pay a lot more but if you don't feel comfortable with the terms then just focus on free product trials. 

Another type of product test is when the company will give you product for free but you have to pay for shipping and handling which is usually $6 or $7. Now I only do this offer when I know that I'll get close to double my money back. So if I have to pay a shipping of $6 the company must pay me at least $12 for trying their product. So this way I make my shipping money back and get an extra $6. This isn't really a negative to me. It's the same concept of a savings account. I don't know any bank where I can put in my money and make close to or double back my money in 7-15 days. If you do then you should avoid doing the pay for shipping offers I just mentioned in this paragraph. But for me this type of offer is a good as the free trial offers. Personally I don't think any of the items above are negative because you get paid either way. But I know some people will view them as such. Hopefully you're one of the smarter ones.

How Can I Start Working As An At Home Product Tester?
Well one of my favorites is They do all the work for you. They find the companies willing to pay you to sample products and list them on their website in a nice organized fashion. You just select your samples by offer types (Free Offers, Risk Free Offers, Trial Offers, etc) and by the amount of money you want to earn! . They even help you track all the offers you've completed and how much you've earned in their login area. Once you've done the amount of offers you want, you just request your payment and you'll receive it via paypal or check the following month. And best of all there are no fees to get started!  In fact pays you to become a product tester with a $5 sign up bonus. So what are you waiting for join today!

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