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Get Paid TO Play The Guessing Game?

I know its hard to imagine that a company would actually pay you to make predictions, but apparently there is a new website that is actually paying people to make a guess about nearly any topic.

Here's how it works you sign up for a free account at:

1. Choose a Category
There are questions that are grouped by Subject and Category. Subjects include Business & Finance, People & Entertainment, Sports, and U.S. & World News. You select one or more categories you feel confident in.

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2. Pick a Question and Answer It
Guess the answer from one of the multiple choice options or fill in the blank. Feel free to answer as many questions as you like. There is NO penalty for answering incorrectly.

3. Earn Points aka Cash!
When the event actually occurs, and you've correctly guessed the outcome, you will win the total points eligible at the time of answering the question.You may only submit one guess per a question, but you can change your guess as many times as you like. Every question has an associated point value. This point value is displayed to you as total current ELIGIBLE points per answer at that moment in time. The point value of some questions may remain constant or decay over time.

4. Redeem Points for Cash
At the end of every month, we take the total prize pool and divide it by the number of awarded points to determine the cash value of each point. If your points are worth $25 or more, you can redeem those points for their cash value. Don't worry if you haven't earned enough points to redeem their cash value. Your awarded points will carry over into the next month, so you don't lose them.

That's pretty much how it works folks.

Pretty simple way of making money if you ask me.

But just in case you're not getting the concept, let me give you a more concrete example. Have you ever watched American Idol? Chances are you have. If not, you're living under a rock. Just kidding. Well in nutshell, would pay you a certain amount of money if you were able to guess who would win the competition. That's really all there is to it.

The great thing about is that you can guess or make prediction on multiple events so you have a great opportunity to make even more money.

The Bad Stuff
As you read they work on a point system. (I know that can be so annoying.) But don't dispair the points are equivalent to cash. You just convert the points you earn to cash. Just remember you can only cash out if you have earned at least $25 which shouldn't be too difficult. So that's really the only bad thing I can see about this opportunity.

This is definitely one of the most fun and easy way I've seen to earn money from home.It has the potential to be big. But don't expect to make a living off this opportunity. But I've always argued its better to have a lot of little opportunities earning you money from home rather than waiting on one traditional work at home job which we all know takes weeks to months to acquire.

So what do you have to lose? It's free so you have nothing to risk! Go and sign up for right now and earn some money!

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