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How To Make Money With Paid Focus Groups

Sign up for as many market research or focus group companies as possible. What are paid focus groups? A paid focus group is when a number of people are selected for their relevance to discuss one or more issues about a product or service for about an hour or more. The participants are then paid anywhere from $50 - $300 cash for just giving their opinions.

So how do they find you? Each marketing research focus group company has a database, which stores the names and demographic information of potential focus groups participants like you. You just need to visit the paid focus group websites and submit your information to them.

Most of the market research company websites have a link that reads, “join our panel”, “become a panelist” or “Get Paid For Your Opinions”. Click on the link and fill in ALL the information requested. It may be a tedious process because they ask a lot of questions but it will pay off in the end. It costs nothing to sign up! The more information you provide, the more likely they are to call you and place you in different focus groups. This gives you more opportunities to earn money. Don’t ever pay to find focus groups, some great places to find this money making opportunity are or visit our Paid Focus Groups section.

Be Patient.

Once you’ve signed up, most people expect to get called immediately. This is not always the case. You have to keep in mind that these market research people work with different companies. So the criteria for the type of people they are looking for changes depending on the company product, service, etc. One company may be looking for women with children while another company may be looking for women with no children that are Hispanic.

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So it all depends on the company and their given product. Just be patient and they will call you once they have a product or service in which the information you submitted matches their needs. This is why you should sign up for as many as possible to get more companies to call you.

Be Accessible.

Once you’re in a paid focus group database, that’s only one step. The key to getting into a focus group is being reachable. People that a marketing agency can reach first are more likely to get in. If the interviewer can’t reach you, they will call the next person on their list. So make sure you provide the focus group company every possible way to reach you. That means providing all of your telephone numbers, email address, etc. The more ways a company has to reach you, the better your chances of earning more money. Focus group companies often call my house, cell phone and even my work number. They always have a way of reaching me and it’s the reasons I get into more focus groups then most.

Listen to the interviewer.

When you do finally get the call from a focus group interviewer, listen carefully to the questions that they ask of you. One of the first questions is have you ever participated in a focus group in the last 6 months. Always respond “NO” or if you have, just happen to forget the date. Or provide an approximate date that it’s always greater than 6 months. Doing this will guarantee your inclusion in a larger amount of focus groups.

The interviewer also tends to lead you right at the start of the conversation by providing you the topic of the focus group or the type of people they are looking for. This bit of information should tell you immediately if you actually do fit the profile or if you can make yourself fit the profile.

If you do think you’re a match for the group, just answer the questions straightforward but always keep in mind the topic of the group. If you want to be included in the group then you better be able to tailor your responses to the topic at hand. Listening skills become key during the interview. If the interviewer has told you at the start of the conversation the focus group is about acme tennis shoes but your experience has not been with that particular brand, you could still qualify. If you do have experience wearing some type of tennis shoes you can still can provide the focus group relevant feedback. So I would still reply yes to wearing the brand of shoes they named.

I know it sounds shady but hear me out. What I’m implying is that if you feel you have enough experience to discuss the topic at hand then you should probably reply positively to questions geared towards that topic. But if you don’t have any experience with the topic at hand, such as if you only wear high heels, then chances are you won’t be able to provide the focus group decent feedback. This will frustrate the focus group leader and you will probably be removed from their database.

So it’s a fine line between fibbing and telling the truth. Be realistic to yourself. Don’t answer yes to something you can’t possibly give any good feedback about.

Be flexible.


Focus groups are a great opportunity to earn extra money for everyone, but especially for stay at home moms, people looking to work at home, retirees, students or people in general with a lot of free time on their hands. Focus groups are held at a variety of time slots. They can be offered after 5pm or during lunchtime hours. All focus groups will call you days in advance, which should give anyone enough time to get a babysitter for 1-2 hours, make arrangements at work to leave early or come in later, etc. Because the companies do provide such early notice try to be as flexible as possible. If you do you’ll be able to squeeze in several focus groups in a week.

Following all these money making tips will help you earn several hundred dollars per month for just giving your opinion. You can finally get paid for your point of view and “your two cents” is really worth hundreds of dollars!

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