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How To Work At Home Networking w/Other Stay At Home Moms

There are a lot of difficult jobs out there; being a Brain Surgeon, Fire Fighter, Law Enforcement Agent and the list goes on. However the one that receives the least recognition is being a stay at home mom which in my opinion is by far one of the hardest jobs. Itís really sad that this profession (oh yes it is a profession) goes unnoticed more than anything else. Although there is no set schedule or boss to tell mommies what to do, their schedule begins early in the morning and ends late at night. Furthermore itís unpaid and there are no sick or vacation days!

Corporate executives often complain about their hectic work lives but honestly they have nothing on a mommyís schedule. A stay at home momís day only ends when the kids are put to sleep. Needless to say it can be frustrating getting up day after day and dealing with such a vigorous & repetitive day, especially if there are multiple kids involved. Although there are many joys of being a stay at home mom, it also brings its share of headaches week after week. A typical day can involve taking the kids to school, cleaning the house, running errands, picking the kids up from school, taking them to their soccer games and ballet classes, cooking dinner and much more. Sounds familiar?

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What often gets overlooked with work at home moms is how stressful it can become. How would you feel if you spent all this energy in a 7-9 job and didnít receive any appreciation, pay or recognition whatsoever? Well this is pretty much the plight of many work at home moms. This is not to say that all momsí hard work goes unnoticed, but in todayís society being a stay at home mom isnít the glamorous job that people give credit to. Shows like Desperate Housewives are far from the typical day of a stay at home mom. Itís definitely not as entertaining or rewarding. Real moms will attest to this.

So What Is A Mom To Do?
How can a mom deal with such a full plate day after day? Furthermore how can a stay at home make some income while still balancing their mommy responsibilities? Well Iím going to attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

What's the point of this story?
The answer is quite simple. Stay at home moms need a place where they can network and discuss their common issues and pleasures with other moms. But how can a busy mom achieve this? Weíve already established that a typical day for a mommy leaves little time to socialize outside the home. Well the good news is that mothers donít have to leave their homes to network with other moms. The internet has made the world a very small place. A stay at home mom can meet plenty of other moms online that are going through the same struggles. By networking with other moms online, it will allow you to feel appreciated, not be so alone and shed your feelings to someone who knows how you feel.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of networking online, mommies can also be exposed to many work at home job leads. The great thing about being part of community online or offline is that moms share information about companies that have hired them or looking to hire new employees. Often times companies will ask existing employees if they know of other candidates for a given job before posting it on a career board. So if youíre actively participating with other moms online discussing your every day trials and tribulations you will also be exposed to numerous job leads and offers. So networking online provides stay at home mothers with multiple benefits.

That's right you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Most companies will deliver the products to your house or they will provide them online. You try it for a few days and if you like it you buy it, if not you don't buy it and you still get paid a check for the 'hardship' of trying something you wanted anyway.

Wow that's such a hard job. Not! It's a win win situation for the company and you. But more importantly for you and your family. Product testers get paid any where from $1 to $50 to try one product and there are literally hundreds of products to try.

Do you realize how much money you could be earning right now?

Where Do Moms Go To Network & Find Work At Home?
There are several places you can go to find stay at home moms online. You can visit and do a search for ďstay at home mom forumsĒ, ďmommy forumsĒ, etc. However one of the best places worth looking at is . This is a work at home momís dream website, with tons of groups to join, journals by other moms, and a plethora of moms to connect with about working at home or just the struggles of being a mom at home. You will make new friends, be able to express yourself freely and you may land a work at home job to help support your family.

If youíre a stay at home mom who is feeling frustrated, tired, unappreciated, lonely and/or looking for a way to make money at home then networking online is definitely something that you should be doing. has been around for years and itís definitely a resource that can address a lot of these needs. So visit and become a member today. Itís free and who knows you might make some new friends and even find a few work at home job leads.

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